Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fate & Luna

I just saw this book cover on Amazon... is it just me or is it suspiciously similar to the paperback cover of Luna?

I find this a little odd.


Alissa said...

Stock photos don'tcha know... there have been a lot of duplicate or extremely similar covers lately- I hate it.

Sharon said...

Me too... it gives the odd impression that the stories are somehow related.

Brandy said...

It's not even so much that it looks like the books are related--the problem is that they start to look interchangeable. Even if they're two totally different stories, is a teen who remembers only "there's a girl with a butterfly on her shoulder on the cover" but no other details going to realize that the book she picked up isn't the one she wanted?

Like Alissa said, there's been a rash of these lately, and I'm really curious what it's doing to sales figures. Me personally, I suspect I'd do a lot of "hmm, the cover looks familiar; I bet I already bought that."

Sharon said...

Maybe I'm just not paying attention, but I haven't noticed this rash. Examples for an old lady?

Brandy said...

Evermore and North of Beautiful:

Nothing, Twelve Long Months, and Ready or Not:

I know I saw at least one more post on this recently, but I can't find it now--and it was a group of particularly egregious examples. If I stumble upon it again, I'll post it!

Brandy said...

Also, JacketWhys is devoted to talk of book covers and frequently links similar (or identical) cover images.