Sunday, August 23, 2009

Have You Read This One Yet?

I read this one awhile ago and am just getting around to writing my review of it now. I was kind of hestitant to read it- I mean hello, talk about DEPRESSING- but it has been one of those books that has stayed with me. But be warned, you'll want to keep that box of tissues near by- just thinking about the story brings tears to my eyes. Forman's writing is simple and beautiful and her descriptions evoke multiple senses at once. It is haunting- in the best sense of the word.


Brandy said...

I read this one a month or so ago, and you're right, it really does stay with you. Feels weird to say I enjoyed it--how can you enjoy something that has that much emotional (and phycial!) trauma?--but it was one of the better books I'd read in a while.

Sharon Colvin said...

I just picked this one up... thanks for the insight. :)

Sharon Colvin said...

I just finished it. Holy crap. I sobbed. Wow.