Friday, September 25, 2009

Packaging woes

To me, Lament: The Faerie Queen's Deception is the perfect example of how a cover can make or break a book. Stiefvater's dark, edgy, tale of the fey is the perfect story for any teen currently devouring Melissa Marr or Holly Black with its blend of evil faeries, celtic lore, and romance. Sadly, cover A happens to be the cover that has been collecting dust in my library- despite the popularity of Marr and Black. Cover B is what arrived on my doorstep from the publisher- much more visually appealing to me, but does little to convey the aspects of the story that will market it to fans of the urban fey subgenre (though both the knife and the clovers are important story elements). To add insult to injury, rather than include a synopsis on the cover, the publisher put one sentence and then relies on snipets of reviews from Booklist, Publishers Weekly, and KLIATT singing its praises. Which is sad, because this book is really good and has the potential to be another title that teens rave about, but will they discover it without my recommending it? I'm not sure.

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