Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holy Cliffhanger Batwoman!

So I'm listening to The Summoning on CD and I feel yet another cliffhanger coming on. I have to say that I like this series better than I thought I would, but I really feel like The Awakening wasn't a complete book. The author didn't even feign a resolution to the story; it went straight to groan inducing cliffhanger. I understand that the publisher wanted to make sure kids read the next installment, but shouldn't all books have resolution even if they're part of a series?! In my opinion they're just two volumes of the same book... though the second is better than the first so far. :)

PS The covers are lame!

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Brandy said...

Now you're pushing buttons--Alissa's on the cover issue and mine on the serializing. YES, every book should have its own resolution! Didn't we all learn those plot charts in 8th and 9th grade English classes, that every story has an introduction, rising action, etc straight through a conclusion?

I rant enough about sequels to books that DID stand alone perfectly well--ones that seem split into separate books just to make separate books (cough*cough*Spiderwick*cough) drive me absolutely insane.