Thursday, September 30, 2010

Confessions of Grace

I picked up this book on the bus to NYC thinking that it would be a light and silly ready. I was pleasantly surprised. I should have known that the author of HOW TO SAY GOODBYE IN ROBOT wouldn't disappoint.

I loved the interweaving stories and the fact that she created a real blog --! Hilarious.

The end was a little abrupt, but sweet.

Now THIS is the Elizabeth Scott I know and love! This book was absolutely stunning. I am in awe of how she writes so sparingly. In the same way that LIVING DEAD GIRL got under my skin for days, GRACE also stayed with me. This is one of those haunting stories that will make you think about war and terrorism and right and wrong... and what it all means. She really tears apart the concept of evil and hate.

I'll never look at a train the same way again.

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Alissa said...

I nominated Grace for BFYA :) I completely agree with your sentiments.

I enjoyed the Sullivan Sisters, but wasn't in love with it.