Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Spectacular Now

So I am halfway through The Spectacular Now and enjoying it greatly. Witty first-person narration, realistic characters, real issues presented cleverly. However, I think it has a pretty un-Spectacular cover. How do others feel? In my opion, the graphics don't really relate to the story at all, and on their own don't do much to grab my attention or motivate me to pick it up. As an adult, I kind of appreciate the vague 1960s nostalgic feel it has, but I think a teen would totally miss that and again, it is set in the present so the images don't really jive for me. How has the story and its cover been received by your teens? I plan to pitch it hard to any likely parties, but would it circulate on its own?

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Alissa said...

Don't get me started on book covers as of late... it's my current rant of choice.