Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh, teen lit, how you love to make me cry

I'm on a roll here with the depressing books. So I figured it might be cathartic to display it all here for you

After was stunning. Amazing. Painful. Horrifying. How can you love a book like this? I have no idea, but I did.

And then I was depressed for an entire day..

Next I picked up By the Time You Read This I'll be Dead. I mean, what did I expect from that title?
Julie Anne Peters has, once again, outdone herself. How do you make a suicide book suspenseful? She did. I *hate* the cover but the inside look at the camaraderie on suicide chatboards was stunning and haunting. The one thing I'm not sure about was the end. I mean, I loved it, but it was so open. Did I assume she died just because I'm a cynical adult? Is there another way to see it? I need to talk to some kids about it.

Then I picked up an ARC of Carol Williams Lynch's new book Glimmer. HOLY CRAP. That book ate me up. I'm not usually a fan of blank verse books, but this one grabbed me and wouldn't let go. It was really horrifying and suspenseful and even though I kind of knew what was happening, I couldn't tear myself away. It was a really touching portrait of sisters and the guilt of survival.

My latest depressing read was actually not that depressing.

I heart Jordan Sonnenblick. Seriously. Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie was one of the funniest, most heart-breaking and wonderful books I've ever read. Well, his continuation of that story in After Ever After is even better. WOW. I loved reading the next chapter of Jeffrey's life. Once he goes into remission, what next? He's a teenager and he has to figure himself out... side effects of treatment and all. I'm still sniffling. A MUST read.

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