Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm on a roll with the hilarious, laugh aloud books. Thank you, Alissa for getting me started with this little gem...

Swim the Fly! This one is full of fart and vomit jokes and is a genuinely hilarious read. Plus, I just love this kid's motivations for everything. He starts out swimming the fly to impress a girl and by the end... he has no idea why he's doing it. I love his posse of weirdo friends, too. Good stuff all around.

Now I'm reading another gem of a book! Carter Finally Gets it. More fart and vomit jokes and a hilarious scene with ass-less jeans while running from the cops. There is also swimming. Everything is funnier in a Speedo. Especially when you're a 14 year old boy and your "mainframe" has short-circuited from staring at butts and boobs. :)


Brandy said...

In my head I've been writing this same post, though I've been waiting until I read Swim the Fly. Carter Finally Gets It was one of my favorite reads from the last year--crude without being disgusting, and I'm surprised it doesn't go out more--I think I'll have to do more hand-selling.

I'd pair it with Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie; I can see a bunch of parallels between those two.

Sharon Colvin said...

Definitely. Also maybe the Schwa was Here... though just because the perspective is so similar. Is it wrong that I find dorky, clueless 15 year old boys hilarious?!?!

Brandy said...

If it is wrong, then at least we're wrong together!

Alissa said...

Hehe, you are most welcome. There were two books that I am STILL angry about not making last years BBYA list and Swim the Fly is one of them.

I would have let you borrow my copy of Beat the Band (the companion- not sequel Brandy!), but I gave it to one of my teen boys who loved STF as much as I did.

I have not read Carter- I've got its sequel around here somewhere though. I'll have to save it for the days when BFYA mania is over.